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reminiscence necklaces on sale
Silver, On Sale, 2018 Collection, Heart Shaped, Lobster Clasp, Silver 925, Womens Jewelry: Reminiscence Necklaces, Necklaces, Available Sizes: One Size, Item Code: 1pen319g-c0z. details
reminiscence bracelet for women on
Silver, On Sale, 2018 Collection, Plaque with Logo, Lobster Clasp, Made in France, Silver 925, Womens Jewelry: Reminiscence Bracelet for Women, Bracelets, Available Sizes: One Size, Item Code: 1bra310g-c0z. details
cultured pearl button earrings
Pristine and lovely, white pearls center exquisite earrings. Caressed by sterling tendrils, they are lovingly handcrafted and presented by Alok Jain. .925 Sterling silver. details
silver beaded bracelet hill tribe
Working with high-purity silver beads from the Karen hill tribe, artisan Siranya designs this beautiful bracelet. Stamped, pleated oval beads alternate with smooth rondelles to culminate near the clasp with spiral-shaped beads. Accenting the hook clasp are three 950 silver charms: a flower, a leaf, and a heart. details
classic vintage clockwork wind up
Tin toys belongs to adult collection,traditional toys and handmade toys,which are good for collect lovers. When you play it for the first time,please don't wind up too tight and the best cycle is 3. details
vintage nostalgic wind up tin toy
This sharp looking robot has bright color and modern vintage-style Wind it up with the built in key and watch it madly hop its way across the table All metal construction, comes to you brand new in box A perfect collectible decoration for adult Great toy for children. details