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Meet Margaret
- - the Pope's cat! This is the story of a stray born on the Via della Conciliazione in Rome, how she’s adopted by the Pope, and then “rules” the Vatican from museum to floorboard! First in a new series. No one has a closer view of what’s happening in the world’s tiniest nation, Vatican City, than Margaret, the Pope’s new cat. But she wasn’t always Margaret, and she wasn’t always the Pope’s cat. She started out as a stray on the streets of Rome, and there are those in the Vatican who wish she’d never been allowed inside. This fun, adorable new character will appeal to all kids! Here is a cat who does what she likes [...]. details
london thames river 24 hours
Enjoy sightseeing in London with a flexible 24-hour cruise ticket with stops at four piers, namely Westminster Pier, Waterloo (London Eye) Pier, Tower Pier and Greenwich Pier. The piers cover most of the riverside London attractions like the Cutty Sark, the modern Canary Wharf development, the Tower of London and nearby Tower Bridge, the HMS Belfast museum ship, St. Pauls Cathedral, Shakespeares Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern Museum, the London Eye, the Millennium Bridge, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. You can hop off at any of the piers and visit the attractions and hop back on the boat to reach the next pier!One of Londons most popular signature attr [...]. details
london dungeon
Deep in the heart of London, buried beneath the paving stones of historic Southwark, liesl the world's most chillingly famous horror attraction. The London Dungeon brings more than 2,000 years of gruesomely authentic history vividly back to life.and death. Face your worst nightmares on the Boat Ride to Hell. Fall prey to the hangmans noose on the Extremis Drop Ride to Doom. Travel back to 1666 and flee the raging heat of the Great Fire of London. Retrace the steps of infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper and sense the sinister threat lurking in the shadows. Step inside the Labyrinth of the Lost if you dare. Theres one way in but is there a way out?Take [...]. details