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applied microphone technology amt
- Shure is a low profile double condenser microphone System designed to work with Shure Wireless Systems. The first microphone attaches to the bell of instrument, the top or over the keys microphone is suspended in a 4 point isolation ring reducing valve, key, click, and handling noise. The second microphone is placed in front of the bell of the microphone. Both microphones are on goosenecks for optimal placement. It's rugged construction of anodized aviation aluminum makes it highly durable, while being lightweight and non-corrosive. The AMT interface lets the artist use AMT microphones with most Shure wireless transmitters. In most cases [...]. details
line 6 pocket pod guitar
The Line 6 Pocket POD guitar effects processor is about the size of a hand-held tuner. Yet it's the only personal amp modeling and effects processor packed with over 300 custom presets dialed in by rock stars and professional studio musicians who know great tone. With its 32 classic and modern amp models, 16 cab models, and 16 effects, Pocket POD enables you to create mind-blowing guitar tones wherever inspiration strikes. Just pop in 4 AAA batteries and you are good to go practicing with headphones or jamming with your favorite songs on your MP3 player. Let loose and play it loud with Pocket POD as your multi-effect processor in front of any amp. With [...]. details
decibel eleven hot stone smd dual
The Decibel Eleven Hot Stone SMD Isolated DC Power features selectable input voltage providing touring musicians the flexibility to select the appropriate voltage based on each country. The Hot Stone SMD includes six isolated and regulated outputs including two high current outputs to satisfy the high current power demands of the latest digital guitar pedals. The DB-11 Hot Stone SMD delivers the goods with a perfect combination of voltage flexibility and powerful performance. Note: Not selectable for Japan voltage.6 Isolated outputs no hum or interaction between pedals8 total available outlets all can be used simultaneouslyToroidal Transformer with addi [...]. details