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napoleon dynamite liger black
If the Liger is pretty much your favorite animal, this Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt ought to be right up your alley! The black tee features one of Napoleon's unique sketches: The Liger, known for its skills in magic. details
napoleon dynamite liger
See, it's a joining of a lion and a tiger. If you ve seen Napoleon Dynamite then it's likely that you d agree with us--that the movie's best joke is when Napoleon conceives of the Liger. Our officially-licensed Napoleon Dynamite Liger Shirt will show everyone now just how much you love the cult classic movie but also prove that you re down with the inside joke. details
miami city tour and jungle
A perfect introduction to Miami, this city tour will take you to the major highlights of Miami. See the elite neighborhoods and find out why Miami has drawn the rich and powerful for centuries. Beautiful weather all year round combined with gorgeous beaches gives Miami an edge that very few cities in the United States possess. See the glamorous parts of Miami and end your city tour with a hot cup of Cuban coffee. You will also visit the famous Jungle Island which has been one of Miami's most popular attractions for over 65 years. This exotic animal theme park has hundreds of birds, primates and a collection of felines including a Liger, the offspring o [...]. details