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assassin39s creed edward
Edward Hidden Blade & Cutlass. This is an officially licensed Assassins Creed product. Recommended for ages 10+. details
bernard black adult
Be a hot pirate with attitude in boots with style. These Bernard (Black) Adult Boots in pirate style are perfect for climbing the rigging or you may just want a little party panache. With a look of the dashing buccaneer they are all about hotness on the high seas; perfect for splicing the mainbrace or raiding someone else's ship. Faux leather and fold-over cuff capture the pirate vibe while the side zip makes the boots easy to wear A half inch heel gives that little extra height for the vertically challenged Available in Mens sizes: Small (8-9) Medium (10-11) and Large (12-13) Includes: Boots If swinging your cutlass and plundering treasure sounds a bit [...]. details
american muscle class of 1968
Oh what a year! 1968 saw Elvis stage his historic TV concert comeback, the Beatles released Hey Jude, and Americans got their first taste of the Big Mac. But best of all, the air was filled with the roar of the greatest muscle cars to ever hit the streets! Now, celebrate the 50th anniversary of those unforgettable classics with this first-ever American Muscle Class of 1968 Diecast Car Collection, proudly presented by The Hamilton Collection. This exciting collection begins with Issue One, 1968 Pontiac GTO HT. Next to arrive will be Issue Two, 1968 Ford Mustang 2+2, followed by Issue Three, 1968 Dodge Charger RT, Issue Four, 1968 Olds Cutlass Hurst, and [...]. details
Argh.what's a pirate without his cutlass matey?No this cutlass is not an Oldsmobile from the 1970s. In fact this Pirate Cutlass Accessory is actually every pirate's best friend. Tis a curved sword designed to get a pirate out of any tricky or potentially deadly situation. And as a pirate there's always an excuse for a good sword fight
- - especially if another pirate has his sights set on the ship's gold. Whether forcing a mutineer to walk the plank or commandeering another ship no good pirate would be caught without his (or her) cutlass. A brawl could break out at any time on the high seas or when jumping ship. When channeling your inner Blackbeard or [...]. details
Ahoy matey! You be not a real pirate wit out tis fearsome cutlass!Do you fancy yourself a foul-mouthed grog-swigging treasure plundering swashbuckler sailing the seven seas? Well no true buccaneering pirate would be seen dead without this pirate sword by their side. With this fine weapon in your hand you ll be shoutin like a scurvy pirate in no time. This is the perfect choice for all pirate parties and occasions just don't be surprised how your colleagues or friends react when you start to think ARRRRRRR! is an acceptable response to any question. What do you call a pirate without his sword? Well you don t
- - so make sure you top off your pirate costum [...]. details
captain barrett men39s
During the 18th century privateers like Captain Barrett were commissioned by the government to attack foreign ships to keep the seas safe. A privateer was a private ship-owner bearing the Letters of Marque. Get your Letters of Marque in time for Halloween with the Captain Barrett Costume for Men. This historical outfit comes with a long faux leather printed jacket in a rich chocolate mousse brown. It has bronze lace trimming on the thick cuffs the pocket flaps and in stripes near the buttons. It also comes with matching sailors pants a brown waist sash a white ruffle shirt with a lace-up front and a deep brown tricorn hat. Sail over to our accessories [...]. details
pirate captain toddler
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pirate captain infant
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foam pirate
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